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Quality Control Manager

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Site Quality Control Management 



  • Overall project quality lead, responsible for coordinating with subcontractor quality personnel to ensure unity of effort on quality throughout the project.
  • Lead writing for the site quality plan which outlines the overall quality organization, roles and responsibilities, quality checks, and corrective action requirements.
  • Works with the design team on identifying critical, major and minor quality inspections to be performed during construction. Coordinates customer witnessing of required inspections.
  • Reviews and sign submittals certifying conformance with design and contract documents.
  • Operates as part of a project team located at the construction site and responsible for covering other areas during team member absences.
  • Participate in the Post Award Kick-off, Partnering, Preconstruction, Design Development, and Coordination and Mutual Understanding Meetings.
  • Implement the “Three Phase of Control” plan for each DFOW and notify the Contracting Officer at least 3 business days in advance of each Preparatory and Initial Phase meeting. Submit respective checklists to the Contracting Officer the next business day.
  • Ensure that no construction begins before the DOR has finalized the design for that segment of work, and construction submittals are approved as required.
  • Inspect all work and rework, using International Conference of Building Officials certified QC specialists as applicable, to ensure its compliance with contract requirements. Maintain a rework log.
  • Immediately stop any segment of work, which does not comply with the contract requirements and direct the removal and replacement of any defective work.
  • Remove any individual from the site who fails to perform their work in a skillful, safe and workmanlike manner or whose work does not comply with the contract plans and specifications.
  • Prepare daily QC Reports.
  • Ensure that Contractor Production Reports are prepared daily. Submit Contractor Production Reports on forms furnished for this purpose. Complete the reports weekly unless otherwise requested by the Contracting Officer.
  • Reports shall include:
  • Worker hours by classifications, move-on and move-off of construction equipment furnished by the prime, subcontractor or the Government, and materials and equipment delivered to the site.
  • Safety meetings, checks and inspections
  • Disposition of Construction Waste Material: Per Environmental Protection Plan
  • Design and Construction Services: Including, but not necessarily limited to:
  • Check all Contract Documents for correctness and correlation. If the Contractor notes any discrepancy or ambiguity, immediately notify the COR.
  • Examine the work site as to conditions affecting the work. Field verify the site and scope of work, including but not limited to the measurement and location of all significant items required to perform the work. Failure by the Contractor to familiarize oneself with available information regarding these conditions shall not relieve the Contractor from the responsibility of successfully completing the work
  • Hold weekly QC meetings with the DQC Manager, DOR (or representative), Superintendent and the Contracting Officer; participation shall be suitable for the phase of work. Distribute minutes of these meetings.
  • Ensure that design and construction submittals are reviewed and approved, as required by the contract, prior to allowing material on site and work to proceed with these items. Maintain a submittal register.
  • Update As-built drawings daily, maintaining up-to-date set on site.
  • Maintain a testing plan and log. Ensure that all testing is performed in accordance with the contract. Review all test reports and notify the Contracting Officer of all deficiencies, along with a proposal for corrective action.
  • Maintain rework log on site, noting dates deficiency identified, and date corrected.
  • Certify and sign statement on each invoice that all work to be paid under the invoice has been completed in accordance with contract requirements.
  • Perform Punch-out and participate in Pre-final and Final Acceptance Inspections. Submit list of deficiencies to the Contracting Officer for each inspection. Correct all deficiencies prior to the Final inspection. Notify Contracting Officer prior to final inspection to establish a schedule date acceptable by the Contracting Officer.
  • Ensure that all required keys, operation and maintenance manuals, warranty certificates, and the As-built drawings are correct and complete, in accordance with the contract, and submitted to the Contracting Officer.
  • Assure that all applicable tests, special inspections, and observations required by the contract are performed.
  • Coordinate all factory and on-site testing, Testing Laboratory personnel, QC Specialists, and any other inspection and testing personnel required by this Contract.
  • Notify the Contracting Officer of any proposed changes to the QC plan.
  • Retain a copy of approved submittals at project site, including Contractor's copy of approved samples.
  • Update the Performance Assessment Plan as described in the UFGS section 01 31 19.05 25, Post Award Meetings and discuss monthly at a QC meeting.


  • United States Citizen with no dual citizenship, ties to another country or foreign work/citizenship Visa
  • Associate’s degree in a related field
  • Minimum five (5) years on-the-job quality experience.
  • Capable of reading and interpreting building plans and specifications.
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills and employs effective listening skills.
  • Ability to present a professional and mature demeanor with well-developed interpersonal skills including the ability to work well with diverse personalities; works well in a team environment
  • Excellent attention to detail with emphasis placed on quality.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines
  • Proficient in Microsoft Project, Outlook, Excel and Word
  • Construction Quality Management for Contractors CQM-C Certification

 Security Requirements:

  • Candidate must be a Unites States Citizen with the ability to obtain and maintain a U.S. Government Security Clearance.


  • Must have valid, current US Passport



  1.  Place of Performance:

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Cuba


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