Who We Are


Tlingit Haida Tribal Business Corporation (THTBC) is a family of SBA 8(a), HUBZone, SDB, and other companies wholly owned by one of the largest tribes in Alaska. Each of its 30+ subsidiaries are uniquely qualified to deliver value to its customers and teaming partners. For over 35 years, THTBC has operated as a trusted, US federal contractor throughout the United States and overseas.

THTBC is owned by a federally recognized Alaska Native Tribe and has a competitive edge unique in the US Federal Government contracting space, including access to US Government sole source contracts. THTBC delivers outstanding service with innovative, best-value solutions to all our customers worldwide.

Our Mission

THTBC’s mission is to provide our customers with excellence in service, foster employee professional development, and uphold our commitment to continuous improvement. We deliver high quality services to our stakeholders and forge lasting partnerships that uplift and positively impact the success and economic prosperity of the Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska.

Our Vision

Deliver dynamic, innovative, and ever-evolving support to our customers and empower the Tlingit & Haida community. 

Our Values


An unwavering compass that guides our actions to uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical principles in everything we do.

Team Empowerment

Provide our workforce with the tools, knowledge, information, and support necessary to cultivate organizational excellence.

Mission Driven

Channel individual strengths to build a cohesive team dedicated to the success of our mission and goals.

Our Logo

The THTBC logo prominently features a Tin’aa, or copper shield.  Copper shields have been used by indigenous people of the Northwest Coast as a form of currency, and accordingly came to represent wealth and status.

Copper is native to the Northwest Coast and could be hammered into large and distinctive shields and then painted or engraved with traditional designs, often representing the clan in possession of the shield, in the style of that region.

THTBC chose the Tin’aa to represent the wealth and abundance we aspire to provide the Tlingit and Haida Tribes, as well as our commitment to the traditions of the Tribes. 

the Tribe

THTBC is honored to provide financial and other support to the Central Council for the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, allowing the Tribe to offer scholarships and provide critical services to its citizens throughout the United States. 

about kira

In 2016 THTBC acquired KIRA, an accomplished and profitable facilities maintenance and base operations support services contractor.

For over 30 years, KIRA has provided quality service at extremely competitive prices resulting in exceptional customer satisfaction. As an award-winning government contracting company under tribal ownership, the company is uniquely qualified to pursue competitive programs as well as those set-aside for small business.

In addition, Kira is eligible for sole source awards and is a highly competitive, high performing subcontractor for many large prime companies seeking to reduce cost through lower rates as well as meet socio-economic requirements.

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